For a long time the people of greater Sylhet have realized the Professional education and better health care services for community development. During the British period the community leaders were striving hard to establish a medical college in Sylhet with a view to develop the existing health care system.

Accordingly the then government of Assam agreed to establish a Medical College at Sylhet and construction work of the college and the hostel building started here in 1934. But due to the influence of some evil high official adviser the project was shifted to Gouhati. The then Asam government while under pressure announced an official gazette that a medical school would be established at Sylhet instead of college. After some time the proposed building was converted to hospital in 1936 which was later upgraded to cater for British and allied troops of the Burma front in the second world war. In the year 1948 the hospital was further upgraded and converted into a Medical School with appropriate teaching staff and residential accommodation in order to produce Licentiate Medical Faculty doctors (LMF).

Later on in 1962 the then Pakistan government, while under pressure, decided to start a five years graduate course of study leading to award the MBBS degree (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) and hence converted it into a Medical College. The hospital was further upgraded and the bed strength was increased to five hundred. At present this 600 bedded hospital can not bear the extra load of patients referred from greater Sylhet.

Over the past twenty-five years there has been increasing dissatisfaction about the hospital based health care services. This is due to inadequate health budget, the insufficient number of hospital beds, and an inappropriate staffing pattern. Taking the opportunity of such inadequate health coverage, private medical organizations began to develop which delivered health services with a very high cost. A major part of the society have restricted ability to avail these costly health services. The community realize the urgent need for an easily approachable health care system within the economic reach of society. Considering the health situation of the region a group of doctors took an initiative to establish a Medical College and Hospital to provide modern health to the public at a reasonable cost which would also promote medical education and research